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Beck Aluminum Corporation


Serving the aluminum casting industry since 1950.
The largest distributor of primary aluminum alloys in North America.

Over 600 customer locations in 34 states as well as Canada, Europe, Mexico and South America.

ISO9001-2008 compliant.

Beck Aluminum International, LLC

Primary Alloys

Sourcing from the United States as well as Russia, South America, Australia, UAE and Canada.

Manages customer's price risk via LME futures, hedging and formula pricing.

Unalloyed: P1020, P0610, P0506 and P0404 ingot, sow and T-Bar as well as 6000 series billet.

Primary Alloys: A356, C355, 354, 357 alloys in ingot and T-Bar.

Beck Aluminum
Alloys, Ltd

Secondary Recycling/Smelters

3 plants located in Lebanon, PA, Mount Pleasant, WI and Houston, TX.

2nd tier material supplier to AIAG OEM corporations.

ISO9001; ISO14001 compliant.