Our History...over 60 years of Excellence

At the end of World War II Paul C. Beck left his job as chief metallurgist for Alcoa Casting Division in Cleveland, Ohio to become an independent consultant for producers of high-quality aluminum alloy castings.  By 1950 he recognized the need for higher quality raw materials and subsequently built and ran an aluminum smelter in Mentor, Ohio.

The prominence given to the use of aluminum over steel after World War II helped the business to grow.  By 1955 Paul had decided to stop producing and concentrate solely on distribution.  His son, Gerald R. Beck joined him in 1956 and together they achieved the goal of matching the best ingot to each customer at a competitive price.  The increasing demand for aluminum by the automotive and trucking industries helped build a large and loyal customer base.

Paul Beck retired in 1973 and grandson Scott W. Beck joined Gerald in 1978 after completing training as a metallurgical technician.  Scott was instrumental in expanding Beck Aluminum’s territory throughout Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Canada.

In 1985 Gerald’s second son, Bryan C. Beck, joined the family business.  Throughout the 80s and 90s Beck Aluminum continued to experience territorial growth.  This expansion included all of the United States east of the Mississippi River, Canada and Mexico.  The company continued to prosper by responding to changes in the aluminum marketplace.  The automotive industry, in particular, began utilizing more recycled scrap and secondary ingot in the production of their vehicles.

Throughout the 90s Beck Aluminum reacted to the growing demand for recycled aluminum, first by aligning with the highest quality secondary smelters and then ultimately building its own greenfield facility in Pennsylvania.

Today, the company’s recycling business is known as Beck Aluminum Alloys, Ltd (BAA) with plants located in Lebanon, PA, Houston, TX and Mount Pleasant, WI where Scott’s son Geoffrey is the facility's Business Manager.  Beck Aluminum Alloys, Ltd recycles over 15 million pounds of aluminum every month.

Our location in Houston, TX. initial startup was for sorting and resale or auto rims for remelt consumption. Clean aluminum rims are palletized for supply to customers in Mexico. The addition of a stack melter in early 2016 provides the capacity to produce 3 million pounds monthly of 356-type ingot/sow for distribution to the southern U.S. and Mexico.

The consolidation of domestic primary aluminum producers caused a reduction in the availability of quality ingot products in North America.  Beck seized this opportunity and looked overseas to fill this need.  In 2006 Beck Aluminum International, LLC (BAI) was created as a trading division to source primary products and manage price risk for Beck’s growing customer base.  Beck Aluminum International supplies over 16 million pounds of imported primary products to dozens of North American manufacturers monthly.

All of the Beck Aluminum field representatives have the ability to provide alloyed ingot, master alloys, foundry consumables and the metallurgical and technical support to back them up.
Now 4 generations old and over 120 people strong, this family owned and operated company is prepared to serve the casting industry for another 65 years and beyond.  


MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OHIO, November 1, 2016 — Beck Aluminum Alloys, Ltd. ("Beck Aluminum") announced that it has closed on the sale of certain assets of its manufacturing business to Real Alloy Recycling, Inc. Beck Aluminum Alloys is a privately owned operator of three secondary smelting facilities which in 2015 produced over 40 alloy specifications, totaling approximately 130 million pounds, and serviced more than 140 customers across North America. Due to the breadth of specialty alloys and geographical diversity Beck Aluminum and Real Alloy shared very few customers. With the combination of Real Alloy's proven operational ability and Beck Aluminum's strength in marketing aluminum to the foundry and die cast industries the deal is expected to be accretive to both. Beck Aluminum will continue to service existing customers while building and developing new secondary alloy sales for the 21 Real Alloy plant locations in North America.

Further, Real Alloy will become a minority partner in Beck's distribution and trading business, Beck Aluminum International, LLC, whose predecessor was founded in 1950. Beck International shipped roughly 430 million pounds of aluminum products in fiscal 2015 to more than 155 customer locations. The new partnership will provide Beck International access to new markets, Real Alloy a new product line to support its vast global customer base and the ability for both to capitalize on the geographic reach, diverse market segments and extensive customer relationships that each company has built over the years.

To support this growth initiative Beck International has entered into a new 3 year $60 million refinancing with its bank.

Scott Beck, President of Beck International stated, "we have known and done business with the management team at Real Alloy for many years. Quite frankly, this is a great fit. Real Alloy now has a larger, more diverse customer base, potentially new scrap vendors, two new state of the art facilities coupled with access to millions of pounds of high grade scrap generated by Beck Aluminum's primary and secondary aluminum customers. Beck Aluminum has more products to support the existing customer base and the ability to service customers more efficiently, because of Real Alloy's many locations and many new potential customers for primary aluminum."