Primary Alloys and Unalloyed Pure

Beck Aluminum supplies the aluminum casting industry with high quality primary aluminum alloys. Our controlled network of suppliers and our logistics performance continually ensure the highest customer satisfaction ratings and approvals. Being North America’s largest distributors of primary aluminum has enabled Beck Aluminum to forge relationships with suppliers that share a common philosophy of customer service. Through its supply chain, Beck Aluminum can ensure high quality aluminum products and availability.

For exact engineering specifications and dimensions, please contact Beck Aluminum directly.

Open Mold Ingot
  • Bundle weight: 1,000Kg (2,200#) (typ.)
  • Ingot pieceweight ranges from 15# to 50# (typ.)
  • Ingot lengths 28.5″ to 32″ (typ.)
Properzi / Continuous Cast Ingot
  • Specification Document
  • Bundle weight: 980Kg (2,100#) (typ.)
  • Ingot pieceweight range 17# to 20# (typ.)
  • Ingot lengths 28.5″ to 30″ (typ.)
  • Lengths vary per manufacturer (typ. 38″ to 48″)
  • Heights vary per manufacturer (typ. 10.5″ to 15″)

Solutions to Make Business Better

The process of providing smart aluminum solutions that allow your metal business to plan better, price better and waste less starts with Beck Aluminum’s expertise, experience and network to develop a system around your specific needs.