Our History

Four Generations of Excellence Since 1950.

Post-War Beginnings

As the Second World War came to a close our founder, Paul C. Beck left his job as chief metallurgist for Alcoa Casting Division in Cleveland, Ohio to step out as an independent consultant for producers of high-quality aluminum alloy castings. It wasn’t long before Paul recognized the need for higher quality raw materials.  Never one to shy away from a challenge, Paul established an aluminum smelter of his own in the industrial region of northeast Ohio.

The time was right as aluminum quickly overtook steel as the alloy of choice after World War II.  Beck Aluminum’s enterprise grew as the demand increased, and in 1956 Paul’s son Gerald R. Beck joined the company.  With the family business in good hands, Paul Beck retired in 1973, and by 1978 Scott W. Beck joined the family business, having been trained as a metallurgical technician.

Continental Growth

With Scott on the team Beck Aluminum thrived, expanding its territory throughout Ohio and into Michigan, Indiana and Canada.  In 1985, Gerald’s second son, Bryan C. Beck came on board.  Together, Gerald and his two sons grew Beck Aluminum’s territory to include the eastern half of the United States, Canada and Mexico.  The company continued to prosper and grow, because the Becks could innovate in ways to respond quickly to the changing global aluminum market.

Leading the Way for Sustainable Aluminum

Throughout the 1990’s Beck Aluminum leaned into the growing demand for recycled aluminum.  From the start, the company partnered with the highest quality secondary smelters in North America, until it finally established its own smelting facilities in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Texas.

As the company pressed on into the 21st Century, the fourth generation of Beck Aluminum family, Geoffrey S. Beck and Wyatt G. Beck, joined the company.

As domestic primary aluminum producers consolidated, the industry experienced a reduction in the availability of quality ingot products in North America.  Beck Aluminum seized this opportunity by identifying overseas supply to meet the demands at home.  Simultaneously, Beck Aluminum’s recycling business continued to grow.  No stranger to opportunity, in 2016 the company partnered with one of the industry’s leading aluminum recyclers, Real Alloy Recycling, to position itself to offer better business solutions for its customers.  Merging Real Alloy’s proven market leadership to Beck Aluminum’s undeniable strength for marketing aluminum products to the foundry and die cast industries created another partnership that can deliver smart business solutions to our customers.

With access to new markets and a wide geographic reach, Beck Aluminum is poised to support its global supply base, diverse market segments and long-term customer relationships.  Beck Aluminum is looking to the future with new partnerships and great anticipation.  Please join us.